About Sosan Theresa Flynn

Sosan enjoys working with couples from many different religious backgrounds, as well as those who are not religious. She has experience bringing elements from other faiths into wedding ceremonies, as well as helping couples create their own ritual elements. Sosan also offers optional premarital and marriage counseling to couples.

She was ordained a Zen Buddhist priest in 1997, and has been officiating at weddings since 2004. Sosan has also officiated at many other ceremonies, such as baby naming ceremonies, memorial services, daily Zen liturgies and special liturgies. She has 16 years of experience teaching meditation and mindful living. Sosan serves as guiding teacher at Clouds in Water Zen Center in St. Paul and also serves as assistant teacher at Compassionate Ocean Dharma Center in Northeast Minneapolis. She was raised Catholic and practiced Catholicism for 36 years before embracing Buddhism as her primary religion. Sosan has a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. In 2012, she received dharma transmission (full ordination) in the Soto Zen Buddhist lineage. Sosan lives in St. Paul with her husband of 28 years and their 17-year-old son.