Premarital Counseling

Premartial counseling gives you tools to help you build a loving and lasting  marriage. Even if you have no current issues in your relationship, premarital counseling will allow your marriage to have a strong and wholesome start. As you take time to focus on being together as a couple, you may find that you enter more deeply into a wondrous and enriching relationship.Since marriage is one of the most significant events in your life, why not nurture it in the best way possible?

Research shows that couples who have premartial counseling have a better chance at a successful marriage; therefore, many counties give you a discount off your marriage license fee if you participate in premarital counseling. Sosan also offers a $200 discount off her officiant fee if you complete the eight counseling sessions with her. 

The counseling package includes the Prepare/Enrich inventory and eight counseling sessions, covering the following topics:
  • identifying strength and growth areas in your relationship
  • learning and practicing mindful speech and deep listening
  • dealing with conflict and afflictive emotions
  • seeing causes and conditions of suffering: family background and life experiences
  • planning for the future: goal setting and attitudes towards money
Alternatives to the Prepare/Enrich program are also available. And premarital counseling is available as a stand-alone option.

Cost: $100 per session for 8 sessions of counseling plus $35 for online inventory. And you receive a $200 discount on your wedding fee. If the cost of counseling is more than you can afford - let's talk about it. Payment plans, barter and reduced rates may be available.