Tips for Planning your wedding

Overwhelmed by details?

The wedding industry is just that - an industry. Don't let yourself get tossed away by the myriad of details and add-ons that come your way. Wedding favors? Special pillow for the rings? Corsages and boutonnieres? A guest book? These are all very nice, and you can have them if you want, but don't allow yourself to be pressured into adding these or anything else that you don't want or don't really care about. I will work with you to help you remember what is really important about your wedding day - it's your relationship and the voicing of your commitment to each other.


I encourage you to keep your vows somewhat short and to learn them by heart. I have a wide selection of examples of traditional, contemporary and individualized vows to help you with this. Of course, I always provide a "cheat sheet" for the ceremony itself. Even if you memorize them, you will probably forget when you are in the spotlight. Still, the work of memorizing your vows means that the vows will be in your heart, which is where you want them to be.

Children or pets in the Ceremony?

I love children and pets! But my experience is that couples should be careful about how they are incorporated into the wedding ceremony. Children and pets can be very unpredictable to work with. Even the most well-behaved may have a challenge when faced with a big room full of people. I am willing to include your pets in the ceremony if you like, but I strongly encourage you to have a plan for how to handle things if the pets don't cooperate. With children, I advise that we keep everything as flexible as possible. Often, the kids are just excited to be dressed up  and carrying their flower basket or ring cushion. They are not always so excited to walk down the aisle. So, if they balk, just be ready to let them forgo that long walk, rather than having them walk down crying or angry. If you keep them happy, they will be smiling in the photos before or after the ceremony.