Couples Counseling

Counseling is also available if you are already married or in a relationship. Counseling gives you tools that help deepen and enrich your relationship. If your relationship is troubled, counseling can help you address the hurts and difficulties with love and compassion.

I use the Enrich counseling inventory (published by Prepare/Enrich).  The format typically includes one free initial session to determine your needs, followed by eight counseling session.

The inventory and counseling includes the following topics:
• identifying strength and growth areas in the relationship
• learning and practicing mindful speech and deep listening
• dealing with conflict and afflictive emotions
• seeing causes and conditions of suffering: family background and life experiences
• planning for the future: goal setting and attitudes towards money

As alternatives to Prepare/Enrich, I also offer: 1) the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as a basis for our counseling discussions, or 2) a customized counseling plan based what you would like to receive from the sessions. We can talk more if you are interested in these options.

Cost: $100 per session for 8 sessions of counseling plus $35 for the online inventory.  If the cost of counseling is more than you can afford - let's talk about it. Payment plans, barter and reduced rates may be available.

Above photo by Sarah E. Gunther